16 May 2020

Home. What does this word mean to you? We have been spending more time at home recently. Is home just the place where you live, the address registered with the authorities? Or is your heart most truly at home with those you love, who may be very far from where you live? Or is home perhaps an inner sense of a state you cannot describe, the kind of indefinable God shaped space in your heart that nothing on earth can ever completely fill.

I am reminded that places are important they hold many good memories. Yet at the end of the day we all desire for a place that is anchored in long standing friendships, a caring local community and a familiar landscape.

There are many triple story terrances around our area. They remind me of home.  I can never pass them without reflecting on those three layers they contain. They are a symbol of a parable of myself and my relationship with the world, with those I love and with God.

Fr Paul Smithers