15 March 2021

Dear friends,

During the week City of Sydney Council without any consultation or notice began the planting of shrubs in the park opposite Mt Carmel. After discussion with Sydney Catholic Schools I have written to the Council with some concerns particularly from a safety point of view for our children, parents and parishioners. As the only  resident of Waterloo Park I feel the planting is creating an unsafe place for me too. I am in regular contact with the Council particularly over safety concerns. Last year they refused my request for more lighting and CCTV in the park and the parish had to spend valuable resources on added security measures around our site. I will be meeting City officials during the week to discuss my concerns. My hope is to build a strong relationship between the Council and Mt Carmel as we share this space. I will also be meeting with Councillor Linda Scott during the week to talk generally about the future and what our needs are. I’m also trying to get an opportunity to meet with the Lord Mayor… I’ll keep trying!

God bless,

Fr Paul Smithers