2 July 2020

Dear friends,

As we get back to ‘normal’ even though the Corona virus is still among us my hope is that we will do so with the experience of the last three months which have highlighted what is essential. I am determined to be more balanced by rest and exercise. Why do we have to fill up every possible moment with activity? I have been blessed over these last three months to have spent more time in quiet prayer. I have valued the time to ponder and read a bit more as well as continue the running of our Community. I have realised that as we move forward I cannot continue to do the work of three priests and so have decided that I will only do what I can without burning out. Some people may complain but I want to be around for many more years! I am actively looking for more professional people to support our mission.

Please keep in your prayer Sr Rosemary who will be out of action for a while attending to her knee.

God Bless,

Fr Paul Smithers